AEDP Institute

AEDP Certification

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy is a comprehensive, integrative theoretical and clinical model. It is rigorous, unique, and effective. To be eligible for AEDP Certification, clinicians must demonstrate mastery of the theoretical model, proficiency in applying AEDP interventions to diverse clinical populations, and an overall understanding and commitment to the AEDP mission, ethos and values. You can apply for certification at the recommendation of your AEDP supervisor.

What Do the Training Levels and AEDP Certification Mean?

A Certified AEDP therapist’s level as listed in the directory indicates that the they’ve completed the training, supervision and/or certification reviews as described on our Level Descriptions Page.

How Do I Apply for AEDP Certification?

While most AEDP clinical trainers will require more than the minimum to grant AEDP Certification, the minimum requirements for jumping into the process are detailed here in our Guidelines Page.

We support every candidate in reaching his or her goal of excelling as an AEDP therapist and we recognize that individuals learn at different paces, enter our training program with diverse skill sets, and have a variety of previous clinical experiences. We encourage those interested in becoming certified AEDP therapists to discuss the path to certification with their AEDP supervisors.

Want to get Certified in AEDP? Get Connected!

Besides meeting the requirements and following the guidelines, we strongly encourage candidates to get involved in the AEDP Community. This participation will be taken into account in the overall assessment of a candidate’s application. Here are the ways:

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