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AEDP is an approach that highly values human connection and as such, believes in the importance of fostering community among clinicians as well. With more and more psychotherapists from the United States and around the world expressing an interest in learning it, the AEDP Institute has encouraged well trained AEDP clinicians to form sustainable, regional AEDP communities through which learning, professional enrichment, social support and networking can take place.

The regional communities listed below constitute a grass roots effort to build a theoretical and collegial “secure base” for enriching trainee’s learning of AEDP and in supporting them in the often challenging work of facilitating change.

United States and Canada

Albuquerque/Santa Fe, New Mexico
AEDP Southwest

Teresa Law –

Austin, Texas

AEDP Austin

Betty Peterson –

Baltimore MD/Washington DC 

AEDP Midatlantic

Eileen Epstein –
Barbara Suter –

Boston, Massachusetts

AEDP New England

Betsy Kelly-McCormick –

Chicago, Illinois
AEDP Chicago
AEDP Chicago was founded in 2014 to help bring AEDP to the midwest, support AEDP clinicians and build a community of AEDP practitioners. We have held monthly Learning Group Meetings where we view and discuss AEDP and AEDP for Couples DVD’s.

Michael Glavin –

Denver-Boulder, Colorado
Rocky Mountain AEDP

Lia Jones –

Minneapolis, Minnesota
AEDP Twin Cities

Mary Androff –

Portland, Oregon
AEDP Portland
AEDP Portland was founded in 2016 to help bring AEDP to the Northwest region. AEDP Portland is designed to help clinicians connect and to build a community of AEDP practitioners.

AEDP Portland’s mission is to:
•  Promote the learning and practice of AEDP.
•  Connect AEDP therapists with their learning community.
•  Bring AEDP learning opportunities to the region.

Deb Lee-Thornby –
Kelly Prothero –

Steering Committee:
Matt Modrcin, Ph.D., LCSW

Contact Kelly for Events and information on the monthly AEDP Learning Group.

Raleigh – Durham, North Carolina
AEDP Southeast

Laura Weisberg –

San Diego, California
AEDP San Diego

Tami Chelew –
Penelope Andrade –

San Francisco, California

Contact: TBD

Seattle, Washington
AEDP Puget Sound

Paul Finley –

Toronto, Canada
AEDP Toronto

Matt Fried –

Vancouver, Canada
AEDP Cascadia 

Douglas Ozier –

Des Moines, Iowa 

H. Jacquie Perman (Ye) –

AEDP of Central New York State
This group originated in Kate Halliday’s personal desire to have colleagues to share her enthusiasm for AEDP, and to whom she could refer clients. Starting in 2015, Kate began offering training groups to local clinicians. There are currently two ongoing groups of therapists, who eagerly meet to learn AEDP theory and practice basic skills. Several members have been venturing to New York, Boston, and even Durham North Carolina to attend further trainings at the Institute. We are starting to invite other Certified AEDP Clinicians and Supervisors to visit Ithaca and present their work. We are excited to report that therapists from as far away as Rochester are signing up to attend.

Kate Halliday, LCSW
Certified AEDP Clinician and Supervisor



+55 (21) 2579-3568 | 2249-2325

AEDP China

Primary language: Mandarin

Ever since our groundbreaking Immersion Course taught by Diana Fosha, Ph.D., Danny Yeung, M.D., H. Jacquie Perman, Ph.D. and Yong Xu, M.D. in June, 2015, we have been offering retreat style Essential Skills courses in Shanghai, about twice a year, to meet students’ interests. Additional on-line training includes one big seminar style study group and three small supervision groups; the group leaders are Danny Yeung and Jacquie Perman. Currently Jacquie Perman is also leading an AEDP experiential group in Shanghai.

Jacquie Perman, Ph.D., Grinnell, IA
AEDP China Ambassador

Hong Kong

Primary language: Cantonese

We are a group of certified AEDP supervisors and therapists in Hong Kong, aiming to promote and develop the spirit and model of AEDP in our community. We started in 2005 when Dr. Danny Yeung introduced AEDP to us. We were honored by Dr. Diana Fosha’s visit and training in 2010 and 2015. We have established a center-based AEDP community located at the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, serving our community members by providing supervised AEDP services. Almost every year we organize an Immersion Course 香港「感動治療」證書課程, Core Skills Training, Clinical Supervision and advanced workshops to clinicians. We have also formed an Alumni Association for our graduates to maintain a strong momentum to learn and to contribute to the AEDP community, particularly through the regular publications and media release in our Chinese community.

Kwok-wing Wu, 胡國榮
Clinical Psychologist
Certified AEDP Supervisor
AEDP HK Ambassador


AEDP ジャパン
Primary language: Japanese
We are a group of Japanese therapists who are learning and practicing AEDP in NYC and Japan. AEDPJapan offers workshops, online classes, supervision and study groups, in-person experiential groups, and publication of books and articles about AEDP in Japanese. We have an official website for AEDPJapan that offers information about training opportunities, workshops, publications, and therapist directory. A Japanese translation of  Diana Fosha’s  book The Transforming Power of Affect: A Model for Accelerated Change will be published in Japan in 2017.

AEDP Europe (Sweden, Israel, London, Portugal)



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