AEDP Institute

To Apply For AEDP Certification

Listed below are the minimal requirements for embarking on the AEDP Certification process. Please note: most clinicians training in AEDP require more than the minimum.

  1. State licensure or certification in your discipline
  2. Completion of AEDP Immersion Course
  3. Achievement of Level III AEDP Training
  4. After achieving Level III AEDP Training, you must work with a faculty supervisor for a minimum of 10 hours to confirm your readiness for certification and to develop your AEDP Certification submission: Two case reviews, including videotaped material of each case and a micro-analysis of each videotape, annotating the AEDP principles and interventions applied in the clinical psychotherapy sessions.
  5. Once your individual supervisor determines that you are proficient in AEDP and that your submission is ready for review, he or she will recommend you for AEDP Certification and you will submit your materials for review by the AEDP Certification Committee.

If you would like your materials returned after the review, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

If you are ready to proceed with AEDP Certification, please ask your supervisor for the more detailed and specific guidelines for AEDP Certification.

If you have any questions, please contact the AEDP Administrator.