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Book   Learning through years of research and clinical practice, many of our faculty have written or contributed to books exploring the theory and practice of  how we can help our patients and ourselves become stronger at the broken places and awaken extraordinary, often untapped capabilities. Click here to explore our selection of books.


Through lectures and video of often vivid and intimate clinical work, we can learn and discover from one another how to hear and motivate patients and lead them toward healing, growth and the experience of transformance. Click here to learn more and purchase from our selection of DVD sets produced by our faculty.


Whether it’s tapping into a zeitgeist of our time or helping to create it, the AEDP model is touching a deep chord in the hearts and minds of therapists and people seeking therapy alike. Click here to read some of the articles written by our faculty that have appeared in publications ranging from highly respected peer-reviewed journals and books to the New York Times.

Transformance Journal

Transformance CoverTransformance: The AEDP Journal is the official journal of the AEDP Institute. Here we publish what’s cutting-edge in AEDP theory, research and clinical practice, and to offer ongoing exposure to actual and emergent therapeutic technique. The journal is committed to fostering the growth of AEDP worldwide and nurturing the creativity and knowledge base of the AEDP community. Click here to learn more.


Through a growing body of dissertations, studies, and trials, practitioners are continually building, shaping, refining and clarifying the theory and practice of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Therapy. The rich clinical data being gathered, analyzed and exammined is helping us to understand what works and what doesn’t, as well as make the the case for how powerful AEDP can be.  Click here to learn more.


Mail IconAs a member of the AEDP Institute, we invite you to participate in our listserve. Through this discussion list we seek to create a forum and a place of connection where clinical and theoretical issues can be openly discussed by a diverse group of clinicians who share a common enthusiasm for AEDP, a professional community where all voices can be heard.  Click here to get involved.